On Right to Environment

In a Cabinet Meeting on 5 February 2018, complaints of local residents of the pollution, garbage, overcrowding, and flooding in Boracay was discussed. This was followed by another Cabinet Meeting on April 4 in which President Duterte ordered the closure of the world-renowned tourist island of Boracay for a six-month rehabilitation beginning on April 26.

The CHR continued to conduct public hearings on the effects of climate change on human rights. As part of this initiative, Greenpeace and other environmental advocacy groups in the country have reinforced their landmark human rights case filed in 2015 against 47 energy firms blamed for a big part of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions that have led to disastrous climate change. This was done bringing in some of the world’s most highly-regarded climate change science, policy, research, and legal experts as witnesses in the ongoing hearings by the CHR on the responsibility of 47 fossil fuel companies for the global climate crisis.

Greenpeace said 13 Filipino civil society organizations and 18 individuals joined the petition’s filing. The group seeks to implore the CHR to use its investigatory, recommendatory, and monitoring powers in probing the carbon majors’ accountability for human rights violations.