Gender Ombuds Report

1. The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is designated as the Gender Ombud under Republic Act No. 9710, otherwise known as the MagnaCarta of Women (MCW).

2. The Commission on Human Rights is an independent constitutional body with the primary function of investigating and monitoring all forms of human rights violations in the Philippines.

3. The Philippines has been lauded as one of the countries where women enjoy a good latitude of freedom to exercise their rights.

4. The Commission on Human Rights works to protect the rights of every Filipino, especially the most marginalized.

5. The Commission of Human Rights, is an independent human rights institution committed to the mission to “ensure the primacy of all human rights and to their protection, promotion and fulfillment, on the basis of equality and non-discrimination.

6. A Joint Human Rights Monitoring Report of Internally Displaced Persons of the Marawi Crisis on 1-4 July 2017

7. The Commission is tasked to monitor implementation of the MCW and undertake protection, monitoring, and promotion of the rights of women, particularly of the marginalized groups of women.

8. 2017 National Inquiry on the Human Rights Situation of the Indigenous People in the Philippines